The California employment law landscape is ever-evolving. Watch a recording of our California Legal Update Webinar Series to learn about the latest changes and how they affect employers.

  • California Legislative Update
    This presentation covers employment laws that have been enacted in California over the last year and proposed bills that, if passed, will affect California employers. Learn about the impact these laws will have on companies across California.
  • California Paid Sick Leave Update
    Paid sick leave is proliferating across the country, and California is no exception.  Here we will explore the ins and outs of California’s state sick leave law, plus City of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, and other local sick leave ordinances.  In addition, we will discuss strategies for complying with this patchwork quilt of California sick leave laws.
  • California Wage and Hour Update
    This session will cover the upcoming Dec. 1, 2016 Department of Labor Final Rule salary basis test minimum increase going into effect; California minimum wage increases; the California salary basis test; updates on misclassification and overtime; independent contractor misclassification; and class actions/PAGA; and California’s Fair Pay Act.