In June, the City of Los Angeles passed an ordinance designed to increase safety protections for hotel workers in hotels, limit daily workload, and raise hotel worker wages.

The new ordinance took effect on August 12, 2022.

Under the ordinance, a hotel employer must place on the back of the entrance door to each guest room and restroom facility in a hotel a sign written in a font size of no less than 18 points, that includes the heading “The Law Protects Hotel Workers From Threatening Behavior.”

Moreover, hotel employers must provide written notice of the rights set out in the ordinance to each hotel worker at the time of hire or within 30 days of the effective date of the ordinance.

The City of Los Angeles Office of Wage Standards has posted model notices for both postings and providing to employees in both English and Spanish. The following are links to the model notices required under the law:

The City of Los Angeles also published regulations pertaining to the ordinance that covers the following:

  • Determining who is a hotel employer
  • Determining who is a hotel worker
  • Specifying which aspects of the ordinance apply to which hotel employers, based on
  • Security protection for hotel workers
  • Rights related to the personal safety device
  • Measures for fair compensation
  • Exemptions and waiver
  • Enforcement
  • Retaliation

If you have questions about the Los Angeles Hotel Workers Protection Ordinance, whether similar provisions apply in other jurisdictions or related issues, you may contact the author of this article or the Jackson Lewis attorney with whom you regularly work.