As we wrap up 2023, here is a review of some of the changes to California employment law that will continue to affect employers in 2024.

Legislative Changes

New Law Exempts Certain Airline Cabin Crew from California Meal and Rest Period Requirements

Amendments to California Agricultural Bargaining Process Per Governor’s Agreement with Unions

California Revives Industrial Wage Commission

California Enacts Legislation to Support State’s Prohibitions on Employee Restrictive Covenants

Fast Food Council Redux

Revisions to Student Work Permits

California Mandates Workplace Violence Prevention Plans for All Employers

California’s Paid Sick Leave Requirements Increased Effective 2024

California Bans Inquiries About Applicant Cannabis Use

Revisions to Grocery Worker Recall Rights

COVID-19 Right of Recall Extended

California Adds Leave for Reproductive Loss

California’s New Requirement for Diversity Disclosures by Venture Capital Companies

New California Law Makes Non-Compete Agreements Unlawful, Not Just Void

California Gives Health Care Workers a Raise

Compensation for Food Handler Certification in California

Case Law Changes

The “I Do Not Recall Signing” Defense to Arbitration Agreements Ruled Out by California Court of Appeal

Federal Arbitration Act Preempts California Ban on Mandatory Arbitration Contracts, Ninth Circuit Holds

California Courts Provide Employers More Reasons to Review Their Arbitration Agreements

California Court of Appeal Addresses When Violations are “Willful” or “Knowing and Intentional” for Grant of Certain Wage and Hour Penalties

California Court of Appeal Upholds Proposition 22 as Mostly Constitutional

California Court of Appeal Stresses the Difference Between Substantive and Procedural Unconscionability for Arbitration Agreements

No Religious Accommodation Required from Vaccine Mandate at Fictional Hospital

California Supreme Court Holds Employee Retains Standing for Non-Individual PAGA Claims in Court

California Supreme Court Rules Against COVID-19 Take-Home Exposure Liability for Employers

Administrative Changes
CDPH Updates Definition of COVID-19 Outbreak

State of California Certifies State Minimum Wage for 2024 

California’s Modified Background Regulations Take Effect October 1st

California’s Labor Commissioner Publishes Updated Wage Theft Notice

California Labor Commissioner Publishes Updated FAQ for California Paid Sick Leave

Cal/OSHA Standards Board Adopts Temporary Standard for Silica

Jackson Lewis will continue to track changes that affect California employers in 2023. If you have questions about California workplace law compliance, contact a Jackson Lewis attorney to discuss.