Our California Summer E-Series Webinar, How to Avoid Cal/OSHA’s Most Commonly Violated Standard and Develop an Effective Injury Illness Prevention Program for Your Workplace, is now posted for review. This session is aimed at educating employers on:

  • The background of California’s IIPP regulations and Cal/OSHA’s enforcement initiatives;
  • Joint safety and health committees and whether your committee is effective pursuant to Section 3203 (c) requirements;
  • How to perform a self-audit and evaluation of your IIPP; and
  • How to proactively create your IIPP in the event Cal/OSHA conducts an inspection.

This webinar also provides recommendations and guidelines that will empower employers to make changes to their IIPP, ensuring that it is effective and minimizes the risk of violations and penalties.

Please visit www.jacksonlewis.com/webinars to download and view the webinar.