In 2014, the Cal/OSHA Division received a petition for a new workplace violence regulation for general industry.  Petition 542, which was originally submitted on behalf of teachers, has been used as the basis for consideration of a general industry standard on workplace violence.  This year, the CA Standards Board, the entity that promulgates new CA health and safety standards, held meetings on whether a general industry workplace violence standard was necessary.

In 2018, it is expected that the Division will draft a proposed regulation regarding workplace violence for general industry. The proposed regulation will likely include requirements similar to the health care workplace violence regulation (this regulation became effective on April 1, 2017) which requires the establishment, implementation and maintenance of a written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP).  It is likely the new regulation will also include new recordkeeping requirements, training requirements, and reporting requirements.

It is the Division’s intent to create a single workplace violence regulation for all general industries, including retail, manufacturing, education, banking and food establishments. Significant compliance issues will result if the Division implements a general industry workplace violence regulation. Employers will have an opportunity to publicly comment on any proposed regulation.  We will continue to update the this blog as developments occur.