As many California counties move into Stage 2 of the statewide reopening plan following the state’s stay-at-home order, San Francisco has developed its own phased plan for reopening businesses.

Currently, under San Francisco’s plan, essential business, curbside retail, some supply chain businesses, and outdoor businesses are permitted to open.

San Francisco businesses may verify that they may open under San Francisco’s criteria on the county website.  The website also provides information on the counties’ specific protocols for essential businesses including safety requirements and physical distancing rules for work locations.

All businesses operating in San Francisco must:

  • Allow working from home if possible.
  • Follow industry-specific guidance where applicable
  • Prepare a social distancing protocol
  • Prevent large crowds from gathering
  • Require face coverings
  • Prevent unnecessary contact between people
  • Protect employee health

In protecting employee health, San Francisco mandates that employers:

  • Ensure employees do not come to work sick
  • Have employees check their health before starting work
  • Ensure physical distance of at least 6 feet between employee work areas
  • Clean break rooms, bathrooms, and other common areas frequently
  • Make cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, soap and water with tissues easily available

San Francisco will likely release additional guidance as it moves toward the next phase of its reopening plans.

Jackson Lewis will continue to monitor local and state-wide guidance and developments regarding business reopening. If you have questions regarding developing reopening protocols for your employees contact a Jackson Lewis attorney to discuss.